5 May 2011 @ 3:58pm

lol everything about this is hilarious. I mean, I (and I’m sure everyone else) can go on for days about how equating feminism, in any fashion, to the systematic murder of millions is downright ridiculous, but I’m just going to focus on the brainwash bit. Hilarityyyy.

Feminists are “equally as brainwashed as Nazis.” This doesn’t mean they systematically murder people and think that’s totally fine and, in fact, justified. No, no, they’re just brainwashed to believe inequality exists, because you know, it doesn’t. And anyway, that makes them equatable to Nazis, which, yes, does have one of the “largest negative connotations out of most words”, but again, when you use the term feminazi you should only be thinking “brainwashed” and nothing else having to do with Nazism because that’s really all it’s getting at.

Also, yes, feminists are certainly being “spoon-fed” all this ridiculous pish posh by some invisible, evil, scheming dictator who secretly hates men and has successfully brainwashed us all thanks to our lack of intelligence! I certainly was not raised to believe everyone was equal (see: colorblind ideology) regardless of race, gender, sexuality, etc. I certainly did not read the same textbooks as you, watch the same movies and TV shows, engage with the same popular media. Nope, from birth, I was spoon-fed blatant lies from society and everyone around me that depending on your race, gender, sexuality, etc., you would have completely different life experiences and life chances (see: Bonilla-Silva, at least where race is concerned) and the world is not as fair as we’d like it to be. No, my parents and my school and everyone else in my life simply didn’t believe in equality, and that’s why I’ve been brainwashed. I grew up in a brainwashing vacuum. I didn’t, you know, grow up, go to college, take some classes, read some scholarly scientific and social journals with empirical, quantitative, and qualitative research and evidence that challenged my beliefs and worldview. Nope. I was born and raised a brainwashed feminist/nazi, spoon-fed all these lies, unable to read, analyze, or conduct my own research and draw my own conclusions for myself.

(Also, all my professors, some with PhDs, were also victims of this invisible spoon-feeding, brainwashing feminazi machine! Save the feminazis, they’re just brainwashed victims!!!! Trivialize their life and experiences and show them that it’s all in their head!!!)

5 May 2011 @ 11:25am

...oc mu lebrán, léir ingnu.: Only gonna say this once


(that’s probably not true)

Anti-feminist dudes who think ladies don’t listen to your arguments? They do. They have. They have heard them all already. That’s why they get annoyed at you for repeating them like you are a special snowflake and the first one evar who thought of it. Because you aren’t, and you just come across as dumb and needy.

Every single dude who has never been exposed to feminist thought (and quite a few ladies) thinks that the poor wimmenz are blindfolded saps and he is a logical figure in a world of darkness. Every single time! So constantly making these arguments is draining as fuck, especially when the anti-feminist in question is like a brick wall- throw as much logic and reason at it as you like, it still going to stand there being dumb as proverbial bricks and unmoving.

Anti-feminist dudes who think that they must be right, because they are being so clear-minded and logical. I get that it seems that way, I really do. Why? Because I was there. I’ve been you. I’ve been the guy that made probably every single one of your arguments to a (now ex-) girlfriend of mine, with the best of intentions.

I was lucky, because she was nice, and she was willing to explain things repeatedly and carefully, and now I get it. It’s not hard to get. Do the research, read the things, and one comes to an understanding. I still screw up sometimes -one does- but it’s not hard to get better.

Here’s the thing, though: she didn’t have to do that. Why? Because it is not the task of the oppressed to enlighten you. I’m not saying that the arguments don’t need to be made, somewhere- but they have BEEN made. EVERYWHERE. There are dozens of feminism or anti-racism or gay rights 101s on the internet, published in books, sung by angry girl bands. If you were truly interested in engaging with the material, it’s out there to be engaged with. Just like a creationist arguing about science with biologists, if you were truly interested in learning, you would take that mighty manly logic-brain and learn the stuff that exists.

But anti-feminists aren’t interested in doing that, are you? I wasn’t, not really. I was persuaded to, but I like to think that I was already relatively engaged and so I looked stuff up. I say this because if you were interested in engaging, really engaging with the feminist community, you wouldn’t just spout shit everyone’s already heard. You wouldn’t lie about the wage gap or rape statistics. You would already understand what the phrase ‘victim blaming’ means or ‘rape culture’. You would see why the Bechedel test exists and why the disparity of ladies : men in television/literature/&c. (or PoC : whites or straights : gay or cis : trans*) is problematic. These are all things which are very easy to grasp with the smallest amount of actual grappling with the material.

So, anti-feminist dudes, you want ladies to take you fully seriously? Don’t just spout the same tired shit everyone’s already heard. Read the arguments for yourself, and engage with them properly. Bring real evidence -if you haveany- to the table instead of distorting or lying. Actually engage with the arguments against your position. I know it’s hard, having your worldview challenged, but it’s worth it to learn shit. Shit is worth learning, dudes!

Oh, and for the record, I’m a straight, cis-gendered man. All man-shaped and man-like. So if I can try to be an ally, all y’all can grow the fuck up.

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5 May 2011 @ 11:22am

Sorry for the lack of posts!

I do intend to maintain this blog- I’m in the middle of a ridiculous finals week, so I’ve barely had time to sleep, no less post here. But I’ll be back!

22 April 2011 @ 6:15pm

Feminists Are Sexist: beat-nik replied to your post:I’ve tried to explain the feminazi term...


beat-nik replied to your post:I’ve tried to explain the feminazi term to people. They’re not going to get it, you might as well give up on arguing with people on that. They immediately assume you’re calling all feminists feminazis. The best one I got was “Feminazi, because wanting…

Because the forcible removal and brutal extermination of innocent groups of people is equivalent to attempts (not forcible?) to deconstruct or change a SYSTEM (read: NOT SPECIFIC PEOPLE) that by its nature is oppressive to the people within it.

Yeah, okay.

22 April 2011 @ 12:08am
As a fellow Canadian university age feminist, I'd like to say welcome to Tumblr. There are many feminist tumblogs to counter the incredibly sexist and misogynist bullshit that also, unfortunately, exists (still, in 2011?)
Keep fighting the good fight :)

Thanks! :) Yup, it unfortunately but certainly does… society is tricky like that.

21 April 2011 @ 5:28pm

"A pedestal is a prison": Antifeminism shit on CBC radio


This morning, on my lovely drive to school, I tuned into CBC radio one (if you do not know what that is, it’s Canadian talk radio, and it’s actually -normally- really awesome), and they were discussing how feminism is the reason why men partake in dangerous activities in order to gain some…

Well said.

21 April 2011 @ 4:26pm

Welcome to the blog!

So recently I’ve been reading a lot of hate-mongering, sexist bullshit on tumblr by people who seem to think that feminism is a movement designed to not alleviate inequalities between men and women but instead to completely subvert the hierarchy and make men oppressed beneath the power of women (lol x2,342). This mostly stems from the completely disillusioned idea that actually, women and men ARE equal these days- who’da thunk! And let’s not even get into racial hierarchies, because certainly racism doesn’t exist anymore, does it?

For the record (and this seems to be another thing that people just don’t get), I do not hate men. I love men. I love the men in my life. Claims that women are oppressed by men or claims that non-whites are oppressed by whites are NOT attacks on individuals, they are attacks on the societal structure that puts those people in power. I am not trying to point my finger at any white dude walking by, screaming, “FUCK YOU WITH YOUR FUCKING PRIVILEGE! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!” No. I SAY THESE THINGS BECAUSE PEOPLE SHOULD KNOW. I say these things because I want to inform, not chastise. Nobody is individually at fault for their privilege or lack thereof (guess what- I’m privileged too, because I’m white!), but you ARE individually responsible for recognizing or failing to recognize your privilege. And oh yes, you have privilege. And if you think you don’t, well, welcome to having privilege! Best benefit? You don’t even have to know it’s fucking there! But trust me, all those people without privilege? They have to deal with their lack of privilege every day, and your possession of it is glaringly obvious to them.

And guess what- women are not the only ones who suffer from a system of patriarchy. MEN DO TOO. Which is why men should be just as concerned as feminists with addressing that patriarchy! Why do you think men deal with having to prove their masculinity day in and day out, constantly attempting to erase things that might label them as “too weak”? If you thought to yourself, “Because of feminism!”, you’re an asshole. It is the same patriarchy that oppresses women that puts men in a place where they feel like they need to reinforce and reinforce their masculinity and their dominance and their power, because being feminine is weak and being feminine is undesirable. Again, this is not an attack on individuals- it is an attack on the structure that tells men over and over again that they have to be masculine, and being masculine means they must repudiate any trace of femininity. Because to be masculine is to be powerful. And women, as the embodiment of the exact type of thing men avoid to be, are made to be lesser, and in most cases serve as a tool for men to express their dominance, whether men realize it or not.

So yes, men do face their own difficulties, I am not denying that. And I am genuinely concerned with that. But it is my belief that feminism, by virtue of its effort to alleviate inequality and deconstruct the patriarchy (at least as a basic definition), is concerned with this as well. What is frustrating is the lack of realization of all the shit women have had to suffer through and continue to suffer through to this day, despite the belief that we are somehow living in a post-sexist world. From discrimination in the workplace, sexual harassment, rape, violence against women for being women, attacks on our reproductive rights, constant objectification, to more things I could go on forever naming, we are NOT fucking equal, and if you ever catch yourself thinking that we’re overreacting, recognize that you have NO FUCKING IDEA what it is like to be a woman if you are not one. Perhaps we have equal legal rights, but that doesn’t mean shit in a country where we have the Equal Pay Act yet women continue to be paid 77 cents on the man’s dollar.

Anyway, I’ll stop word vomiting now. The general use of this blog will be to take any problematic anti-feminist thing I find on tumblr and either spend time arguing/deconstructing it (if it is at least somewhat respectful) or making fun of it (if it is downright sexist and hateful). I generally find reading these things pretty entertaining and I think responding to them is a good use of time. Of course, people will go on living in their sad little worlds, but I hope that I can at least impart some knowledge and maybe embarrass a few of them (some of them literally just make shit up- it’s great). I might even get some help from a friend!

Anyway, have fun, dudes and dudettes :).